IM-0550-AH/IB-033 | 30" Air Cooled Modular Half Cube Ice Machine with Bin, 551 lbs/day

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External Dimensions
30 in. W x 34.3 in. D x 60.7 in. H

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The IM-0550-AH is a high-quality Half cube ice maker, plus IB-033 bin, that caters to both small and large businesses. Our range of products consists of ice machines, ice dispensers, modular ice makers and storage bins, all of which are founded on the basis of quality, durability, and efficiency.

Capable of producing up to 551 lb. of full cube ice per day, you'll always have plenty of ice to serve on demand. At 30" in width, this full size unit is great for bars, kitchens, and coffee shops. An included ice bin holds up to an impressive 350 lb. of ice, making it ideal for busy establishments that can not afford long periods of downtime while ice is being made.

Note: we always recommend water filtration on the incoming water line for the best quality ice.