Why buy a Regal?

With a Regal Refrigerator (or Freezer), you will quickly find that they make a big difference to refrigeration standards in your commercial kitchen. We have numerous choices and options which should make it easy for you to pick out the best possible standard of refrigeration equipment all at a more affordable price. If you need to increase your storage volume for refrigerated goods and do not want to comprimise performance for energy efficency, then take a look at the options we have here by Regal Refrigerators. You will be sure to find something which perfectly matches your unique wants and needs.

Regal is 100% focused on building only the best refrigeration equipment, using high-quality steels and natural refrigerants. Most of our products are Energy Star rated and all are ETL tested and certifed.

  • ★★★
    "Best-in-class Warranty. 24 months on Parts & Labor with 60 months on Compressors. This level of service, and competitive price are unbeatable!"
  • ★★★★
    "Natural refrigerants, such as R290, are some of the cleanest and environmentally friendly options out there for air conditioning and refrigeration. R-290 has excellent thermodynamic performance, it is energy efficient, and it is very reliable. This is important to me."
  • ★★★★★
    "ETL certified is important to me because it means built to nationally recognized standards for safety, performance and sanitation. The ETL Mark is the fastest growing safety certification in North America."
  • ★★★★
    "Energy efficiency is good for the planet, but it's also good for your wallet. While there are tons of ways to save energy, shifting your daily tasks to appliances that do the same job with less energy is one easy way to do so."
  • Guaranteed
  • Natural Refrigerant
  • Quality Assured
  • Efficient


Providing dependable durability and brilliant performance, our complete line of reach-in refrigerators and freezers offer a reliable cold and frozen food storage solution. Regal reach-in refrigerators are a crucial piece of equipment for maintaining meal safety in restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice operations. With an array of sizes, styles, and features, you can tailor your selection to your specific establishment's needs.

  1. Upgraded Stainless Steel Outside and Inside.
  2. Unbreakable Full Length Integrated Handle.
  3. Accurate electronic thermostat with digital LED display.
  4. Efficent R290 natural refrigerant.
  5. Easy to mount 4” casters, lockable front, standard with all units.

Prep Tables

The Regal RST and RMT Series sandwich/salad prep refrigerators provide both exceptional storage space and optimal work area. With a durable, stainless steel interior and exterior, locking casters, and self closing doors, the RPT Series is designed for unmatched food prep efficiency and unbeatable value. Included in this family are a wide range of worktops, undercounters, and chef bases, so no matter what you need we have got you covered!


Compliment your foodservice operation and drive revenue with a Regal back bars, bottle coolers or beer dispensers, Regal's series of quality bar equipment will help you streamline your beverage service. Designed with smart controls and durably constructed, these units ensure frosted refreshment each and every time.

  • Swing or slide door options
  • Narrow depth to optimize bar floor space
  • Well lit and inviting


Regal merchandising refrigerators and freezers present flexible merchandising opportunities that create impulse sales. Self-closing, anti-fogging glass doors and included shelf tag holders are just a few of the features that make a Regal the best value on the market.